Tim is available to help other lawyers with various aspects of their cases.

Motions to Compel and Responses to Motions to Compel

Tim has been successful in asserting privileges and defeating assertions of privilege – attorney work product, attorney-client, physician-patient, mental health provider, and trade secrets.  For example: obtaining production of the Defendant’s medical records and limiting the Defendant’s access to the Plaintiff’s medical records.

Motions for (and Responses to) Partial Summary Judgment

Tim has experience in obtaining favorable rulings on trucking company liability under the “statutory employee” doctrine, liability due to judicial admissions, causation of death by a collision, medical expenses were necessary and reasonable and exceeded available liability insurance, Declaratory Judgment is available in UIM cases, and that attorney’s fees cannot be ruled out as a matter of law for UIM cases filed under the Declaratory Judgment Act.

Other Legal Matters

Tim is also available to help with motions for new trial, Daubert/Robinson motions, and trial briefs on evidentiary matters.  Keep him in mind if you need someone to craft a settlement video, or travel out of town to cover depositions or observe expert inspections of property and/or evidence.