The Legal Checkup is the tool that Tim Torres uses to get to know you and your family, understand your legal needs, and provide you the professional and affordable preventive law services that you deserve. More specifically, the Legal Checkup looks at broad potential concerns in family law, estate planning, property rights, employment law, juvenile law, elder law, insurance, personal liability, contracts, civil rights, criminal law, and more.

Like a medical exam, it consists of a written questionnaire and a personal interview, but it focuses on facts that indicate potential legal risks, rather than facts that indicate potential health risks. You will receive a brief written report identifying areas of concern and recommendations, and an appointment for a short telephone or face-to-face consultation in which Tim will explain the report and answer any questions.

Tim Torres’s preventive law clients receive an initial or annual legal checkup included in their $50 annual subscription fee. Optional periodic or as-needed updates are at low cost or no cost depending on their factual and legal complexity. Please contact us for more information on costs.