San Antonio General Practice Lawyer

A general practice lawyer handles a wide variety of basic legal needs and knows when to refer a case to other lawyers with expertise in more technical or complex areas of law.  Tim Torres’s general practice is designed to provide cost effective preventive law services for families and individuals in an ongoing professional relationship.  Tim Torres will get to know you and your family so that he can help you identify legal stumbling blocks, and provide you legal advice and assistance in common legal matters plus specialty referrals to competent, ethical attorneys when you need them.

Whether your concern involves civil rights, consumer fraud, contracts, debt collectors, criminal defense, employment, insurance disputes, landlord/tenant, personal injury, probate, or education, maybe all you need is someone to review and interpret a legal document, write a letter on your behalf, or help you file or respond to an action in small claims court.  Rather than try to find a new specialist lawyer for each and every simple matter, you might be better off with someone you know and trust.  Tim Torres wants to build those relationships with his clients.

Tim Torres uses a combination of old fashioned friendly service and the efficiency of the latest information technologies to get to know new clients and their families and become informed about the kinds of things that might create legal concerns in their lives.  No-cost to low-cost periodic updates keep him informed and clients have easy access if something comes up on short notice.

If you're interested in learning more about having your own family lawyer and taking advantage of preventive law services, please contact him today.